Mitigating vulnerabilities in Madrid INTA campus

The Spanish dissemination meeting of the EU-funded Mall-CBRN project took place on 30 October at INTA’s La Marañosa Campus. The event was organised by INTA, Hellenberg International and the University of Lodz.

The project aims to create a protection system for shopping centers against emergence of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) attacks.

However, the emergence of CBRN threats present a significant challenge since this agents can cause massive destruction, loss of life, and economic instability.

The MALL-CBRN project addresses these challenges by developing prevention, response, and consequence management mechanisms to prepare shopping centers for CBRN events.  The MALL-CBRN project responds to these challenges by developing prevention, response and consequence management mechanisms to enhance the preparedness of shopping centres and safeguard their business and, above all, their customers.
Professor Michał Bijak, from the Lodz University (Poland) and coordinator of the project, presented the outcome of the program so far. Mr. Timo Hellenberg, CEO of Hellenberg International, gave his view of the current state of European crisis management trends. Professor Marcin Niemcewicz from the Lodz University explained the importance of food safety and food defence in the European shopping malls.
Lastly, there were presentations from experts of the CBRN-response units from the Spanish National Police Corp and the Spanish Civil Guard.
We counted with the presence of CBRN experts and members of the Emergency Military Unit of the Spanish Armed Forces, as well as managers of the Neinver Group, a Spanish multinational company specializing in the retail and logistics sectors.
The event continued as a one-day training event.

Thanks to all the amazing speakers and special thanks to Adrian Martin Ambrosio Domenech, the INTA team, Hellenberg International and the University of Lodz team for organising the event.

🇪🇸 Gracias a todos los magníficos ponentes y un agradecimiento especial a Adrian Martin Ambrosio Domenech y al equipo de la INTA, a Hellenberg International y al equipo de la Universidad de Lodz por la organización de este evento.
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