Mall-CBRN training session for the staff of the Manufaktura shopping centre in Lodz. The pilot training for the staff of the Manufaktura shopping centre was successfully carried out on 10 January 2024 in cooperation with Apsys Polska.

The training was provided by the consortium trainers (CBRN, food safety and epidemiological  experts of University of Lodz, and Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, retired counterterrorism police or special military units officers) and based on the training curriculum, handbook as well as food defence materials prepared within the project. 

The scope of the training including presentations, demonstrations and exercises to introduce the CBRN threats, procedures and recommendations addressed specifically to shopping malls personnel such as: identifying and securing the vulnerable elements,  123+, remove, remove, remove, 4C, suspicious item searching, evacuation, improvised decontamination procedures and  the good practise and recommendations for increasing the protection of food chains. 

The participants of the training provided very valuable feedback on the content and format of the training, which will allow the consortium to develop the training material to better meet the needs of all the different groups of staff in shopping centres whose skills and actions affect CBRN protection in shopping centres – management, security managers, CCTV operators, security staff but also administration personnel, technical and cleaning services.

A warm thank you to the trainers, the Manufaktura shopping centre staff and all those who participated in the exercise!


Text and images by Marcin Podogrocki, University of Lodz