We had the opportunity to participate in information seminar in the framework of the Technical Directors Forum in cooperation with PRCH on 14th September, 2023.

During the event terrorist security and CBRN issues were mainly discussed.
On the invitation of the G City Europe (formerly Atrium European Real Estate), we presented the Mall-CBRN project solutions, which ideally suited to the theme of the Forum. It was perfect time to exchange of experience, to invite to further cooperation – trainings, exercises and a final conference.

The participants consisted of technical directors of major trade networks in PL, representatives of security companies, experts from UŁ, ATRIUM and WIHE.

Thank you to the organizers Polish Council of Shopping Centers (Polska Rada Centrów Handlowych) and other project partners!

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#EuropeanCommission #ISF #InternalSecurityFund
Text and photos by
Wiktoria Gajda

Biohazard Prevention Centre

Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection

University of Lodz, Poland