On 27th November 2023 the pilot training for personnel of shopping mall including technical, cleaning and security staff as well as tenants was conducted at premises of ATRIUM PROMENADA in Warsaw.

In the training more than 40 participants took part. The training was based on the training curriculum, handbook as well as food defence materials prepared within the project.
The scope of the training presentations, demonstrations and exercises included introduction to CBRN threats, procedures and recommendations addressed specifically to shopping malls such as: identifying and securing the vulnerable elements.

Remove, remove, remove
suspicious item searching,
improvised decontamination procedures
and the good practise and recommendations for increasing protection of food.

A warm thank you to the Atrium Promenada shopping mall and everyone who took part in the exercise!

Text by Marcin Podogrocki, University of Lodz

News image by Nina Barvinok – Artium Promenada