26 March 2022

Mall CBRN Project meeting was held on 18.03.2022 in Warsaw.

Mall CBRN Project meeting was held on 18.03.2022 in Warsaw. Partners presented their research findings. It was also planned and...
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15 March 2022

The study of crime begins with the knowledge of oneself*

What does CBRN stand for? Normally, there is a simple answer that relates to hazardous substances. Ultimately, this abbreviation encompasses...
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21 October 2021

Mall CBRN project “on the road!”

Conference on "Modern technologies for the security of public places “, OCT 14-15, KATOWICE AIRPORT. On 14.20. 2021 at the...
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20 October 2021

Live Firing Show (LFS) took place in Vilnius Lithuania

International Live Firing Show (LFS) took place in Pabrade training area near Vilnius, Lithuania 7.10.2021. Event organizers – The National...
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5 August 2021

Cyber security challenges of shopping centers

In early July 2021 the ransomware attack of the rEvil group against Kaseya forced over 500 Swedish Coop stores to...
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21 July 2021

New challenges emerge when east-west cooperate within radiological safety

Symbiosis of terrorism and radiological safety is one of the most challenging new threats. There are more than 840 research...
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16 July 2021

CBRN-E crime and offenders’ motives. What is it? Why people do it

Topics related to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive materials are increasingly being discussed in today´s society. Their connection with...
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4 May 2021

Crime scene investigation in a CBRN context

CBRN-E crimes are closely linked to environmental crime and their number is constantly growing. Their investigation is a major challenge,...
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28 April 2021

New Associated Partners!

The Mall-CBRN project family is expanding! In recent months the project was strengthen by two additional partners: Estonian Internal Security...
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4 April 2021

MALL-CBRN brochure

Mall-CBRN project in a nutshell. If you would like a short interdiction to the project (ideas/goals/results) please feel free to...
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